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  • Beauty

    We can help you look and feel your best with our top-of-the-line beauty services and products. We can revitalize your youthful appearance!

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  • Performance

    We offer a range of services that can enhance your strength, endurance, and overall performance. Get the endurance and energy to keep up with your family, career, and social life.

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  • Recovery

    Don’t burn out – give your body enough time to relax, heal, and recover. We offer a range of cryotherapy recovery treatments that can help you on your journey to full recovery.

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Welcome to Hollywood Cryo Spa

Manage your pain, health, and wellness naturally with Hollywood Cryo Spa. When it comes to beauty, performance enhancement, and recovery, we are the answer as we provide the most technologically advanced, safe, and effective whole-body wellness services.

When you leave our center, you will feel renewed and rejuvenated not just because of our skilled, knowledgeable staff but also because of the innovative, science-backed cryotherapy and beautification services that we offer. Experience the difference, and come to the COOLEST place in Hollywood – make an appointment today!

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Services We Provide

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    Whole Body Cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy stimulates blood circulation, releases enhanced levels of endorphins and increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the areas of the body that needs revitalizing.

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    Localized Cryotherapy

    Localized cryotherapy can be used to target specific areas delivering the benefits of WBC locally.

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    Cryo Body Contouring

    The Cryo T Shock is the most innovative anti-aging device on the market to treat localized fat, to reduce cellulite, and to tone and tighten the skin.

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    Infrared Sauna

    An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you.

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    The Magnesphere is a Magnetic Resonance Therapy system with extremely low-level, natural magnetic fields.

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    Discover how Hollywood Cryo Spa can help you recover and rejuvenate like a star.

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