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The ABCs of IV Treatment: Top 5 Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

The ABCs of IV Treatment: Top 5 Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

Hydration is crucial for our overall health and wellness. Check out our guide for the benefits of IV treatment to stay hydrated and healthy.

Did you know that if you wait until you’re thirsty to take a drink, your body may already be dehydrated? Dehydration is especially dangerous if you’re out working in the sun. It can lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even death.

You should always aim for adequate hydration to keep your body functioning well. That’s easier said than done for many people, especially those who work out hard. Drinking water isn’t always the best method for hydrating well if you’re an active exerciser.

Hydration IV treatment therapy is another way of giving your body the fluids it needs for optimum function. Are you wondering what IV hydration treatment can do for you? Keep reading for the top five benefits of IV hydration therapy!

What Is IV Treatment for Hydration?

IV is intravenous. IV treatments are any type of treatments given through a needle inserted into a vein. IV treatments bypass the gastrointestinal system and head straight into your bloodstream.

IV treatment ensures immediate absorption of fluids, vitamins, or medications. This is especially important if you’re dehydrated. You’ll have to drink a lot of water to hydrate from a dehydrated state.

It’s hard to keep track of how much water you’re drinking daily and whether you’re staying well hydrated. IV hydration treatments are a safe and effective way of ensuring you’re staying hydrated and healthy. What are the other benefits?

1. Reduces Recovery Time

IV hydration therapy reduces recovery time for athletes and heavy exercisers. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to work your body hard enough that you become dehydrated.

There are other ways your body needs recovery. We often push ourselves too hard at work and don’t give our bodies what they need.

Nurses and doctors working in a busy emergency room are prime examples. They often push themselves hard, denying themselves fluids so they don’t need a bathroom break. At the end of a busy workday, their body is crying out for hydration.

Even people busy working from home with back-to-back Zoom meetings often deny themselves essential fluids. At the end of a long workday, IV hydration is the perfect therapy for helping you feel better fast.

2. Easy On the Gastrointestinal System

IV hydration therapy at a medical spa is easy for you in many ways, one of which is it’s easy on your gastrointestinal system! Do you have a sensitive stomach? Do you feel nauseated and out of sorts in the morning after a meal out or even staying up too late?

Maybe you ate something that didn’t agree with you and had a bout of vomiting that’s left you feeling weak. The last thing you feel like doing is chugging a bunch of water or an over-sweet drink like Gatorade. That hurts your stomach and can even cause some people to vomit.

IV vitamin therapy or hydration works fast and bypasses the discomfort of drinking tons of fluids to rehydrate.

3. The Best Hangover Cure

We all like a good party now and then, but overindulging in alcohol can lead to serious dehydration and a terrible hangover. Did you wake up nauseated and tired, with a dry mouth and a terrible headache?

Alcohol causes you to feel even worse than eating food that doesn’t agree with you. That’s because after having a drink, your body releases the hormone vasopressin. Vasopressin is what helps your body stay hydrated!

When the alcohol impedes the vasopressin, your body releases fluid. You urinate more, and it’s almost impossible to hydrate, even if you’re drinking water in conjunction with the alcohol. Your body feels extra dehydrated in the morning when you wake up.

IV hydration gets the right amount of fluid into your system much quicker than drinking water. Here at Nüvo You, we do more than hydrate you.

Our hangover cure comes with a mix of vitamins and medications. These include an anti-nausea medication, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, a B-complex vitamin, and more. These added goodies help you feel better fast.

You’ll get all this while you lay back and rest – no chugging required!

4. Boost Your Immune System, Skin, and Joint Health

We all know drinking water is good for our immune systems, but do we drink enough? Most people don’t. IV therapy helps you avoid illnesses such as the common cold by boosting your immune system.

IV hydration is even better because you can boost the fluids with essential vitamins like vitamin C and B12. Getting these vitamins into your bloodstream is faster and more efficient through an IV.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is about 30% water. It also serves as a barrier for your body. Proper hydration improves skin thickness and keeps your skin function well.

Your joints need proper lubrication. If you feel achy and creaky, it could be dehydration. IV therapy hydrates your joints and keeps them moving smoothly.

5. Improve Your Cognitive Function

Did you know dehydration also affects your cognitive abilities? Even mild levels of dehydration can cause mood issues and disrupt cognition. If you suffer from brain fog, mild memory impairment, and slow thinking, it’s possible you’re not getting enough fluids.

Your brain needs nutrients for proper functioning, and water is one of the most vital nutrients. Every chemical process occurring in your body occurs in water. Because the brain directs all the bodily processes, water is especially important for your brain.

You can’t do anything well without being well hydrated.

Hydration IV Treatment for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Hydration IV treatment helps you feel and look your best. Improve your cognitive function while boosting recovery time from a tough workout or cure the worst hangover you’ve ever had! These are five of the benefits of hydration IV treatments.

Are you ready to try out a hydration therapy treatment? Here at Nüvo You Medspa, we’re open seven days a week and have appointments to accommodate your needs.

Have questions? Want to make an appointment? Contact us here!

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